Social Media and Use of Social Media in Education


Social Media has a great importance in education. Social media is used every pleaces in the world with computers, tablets and smart phones. People stay online everytime because they feel depence to social media but social media has some useful sides like education and communication. Especially, ın education people use social media. For instance, person who wants learn a program can use youtube to programing lesson as free. Therefore, People can use facebook to communicate each other and sharing their own ideas and information about something. In facebook, there are lots of interactive application and game to education  or people can join groups to sharing new ideas, books, lesson etc. Furthermore, there are not just facebook and youtube there are also podcasts, blogs and wikis. Thanks to this social media tools, people can improve themselves as educationally so that new social web-sites give importance to social media tools.

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Social Media in Germany

Silhouette of GermanyIn this course, My lecture aim is explanation of benefits on social media. Especially, technical and interests of people and I make them to pay attention on me. I want to know how people think about using social media so that I take this course. To give an example, you can do commercial adverts and you can earn money with social media. Also, In Germany, I want to see social media effects on german and other people because of the human diversity. Therefore, I wonder german people behaviors as well as their thoughts.

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