Bahçeşehir University

I still study Computer Science in this university for my future and dreams. I learn how to behave in education in school as teacher. If you want to see my taking course;

        Information Technologies in Education (CET1001)
        Introduction to Educational Sciences (EDS1001)
        Introduction to Web Programming (CET1002)
        Educational Psychology (EDS1002)
        Introduction to Programming (C++) (CMP1001)
        Instructional Methods and Principles (EDS2001)
        Special Education (EDS4005)
        Instructional Design (CET2026)
        Measurement and Evaluation (EDS3001)
        Graphics and Animation in Education (CET2028)
        Object Oriented Programming (C++) (CMP1002)
        Multimedia Design and Production in Education (CET3028)
        Turkish Educational System and School Management (EDS3010)
        Wissen Asp.Net MVC (COP4418)
        Introduction to Computer Networks (CMP2204)
        Classroom Management (EDS3003)
        Programming Languages (SEN2002)
        Php Programming