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Memrise memorizing Website & Applications.

Memrise program which gives you chance to expand your memory with other comminuties. This site has different languages and contents for the users but just you need to create an account for using. More simple to creating account and using the panels. Moreover, all the world seven to seventy can use this site since developers aim to reach every people. Also, the world can use because memrise provide more than 45 languages as well as manager of web sites help you to at that time.



My Social Media Usage

My social media usage in everywhere
I think I am a normal Internet user because sometimes I can not understand people. They share, like, send a twit about everything. I think it is not a good point since people who have a bad idea can reach our information on social media. To give an example, if you have a facebook or twitter account, you can be exposed to cyberbullying. People who especially hackers can find your credit card numbers or your telephone number so you can lose your money or take a unknown messages. Therefore, we should pay attetion to privacy policies. Previously, our public should awareness about using of social media. Thus, the governments must take precautions for usage of social media.

Social Media



Doceri Screen Capturing and Presentation Application

In today’s world, majority of people use smart phones and tablets for everything. And I thought that why don’t we use this materials in education. Doceri is the best one since it has screen capturing, recording voice and sharing on social media.




Social Media Interests


Firstly, we need to think that what is social media?

Social media is sharing, publishing and creating information via Internet technology to people. The main of the social media help to commnunicate and taking information. People who use this technology can reach to true information because people should not to use one source while looking a new knowledge.

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