Doceri Screen Capturing and Presentation Application

In today’s world, majority of people use smart phones and tablets for everything. And I thought that why don’t we use this materials in education. Doceri is the best one since it has screen capturing, recording voice and sharing on social media.

Firstly, screen capturing is a most important feature of Doceri app on ios. In this part we can create a powerpoint pages and we can add photos, videos and voices. Then, we can play them.

Secondly, we can edit the presentation and videos easily via Doceri. We can cut, delete, add something to presentation. Very simple usage of application. Everone can use this application.
Finally, sharing on social media, ın thıs application we can use facebook, twitter, pdf document, and e-mail. In facebook students can see all presentation as a video or pdf file.
To sum up, every people should use this application. Especially, schools should use this application in the classroom. It is very helpful to become interactive to lessons.

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