Social Media Interests


Firstly, we need to think that what is social media?

Social media is sharing, publishing and creating information via Internet technology to people. The main of the social media help to commnunicate and taking information. People who use this technology can reach to true information because people should not to use one source while looking a new knowledge.

Secondly, what are your interests to social media?
According to my interest, I like connection my friends with social media. Thanks to it, I can make contact to everyone from where I am. I thought that social media is a tool to connect people but someone can think to have fun. To give an example, I use Facebook (International communication web-site) for my lessons and asking something to my friends. Although this, people who non-conscious about Facebook just use it for playing games and sharing funny videos so that they go beyond the purpose of social media. People should be aware of aims.

Finally, How can we use efficiently social media to our interests?
People should think that why am I use this technology. People who thought that this question can reach to information easily because we need to know how to search and find. Therefore, people just donot think for have fun also they need to for information or how to knowledge can be beneficial for me. To sum up, people firstly think that what is my purpose of Internet usage. Then, they should start to searching information or using social media.

Social Media,Education
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