Social Media Usage In The Classroom

How teachers can use social media in the classroom?

Social media is used for communication and education. In today’s world, majority of schools use social media effectively in the classroom. The governments support using this technology to development of next generation. Therefore, they purchase lots of technological devices and computers.

Also, they train computer teachers. These teachers try to be best in social media so that they use social media impressively.
 In these periods, everyone use social media from 7 to 70 ages such as facebook, twitter etc. Thus, teachers use these social networks in education because they can connect instantly. To give an example, teacher can give assingment to everyone and s/he can check on facebook. Moreover, teacher can create discussions on FB and Twitter. Then, youtube video sharing web sites. On this web site teacher can share educational videos and the students can write comments about videos. Therefore, teacher can use blogs. With blogs, students can write their thoughts and also they can write everything which couldn’t say in the class. Finally, skype and hangouts with these social media tools teachers can teach via video conference from everywhere.

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