Çubuk Kerem

Kerem Çubuk

Front-end Developer / DevOps

Name:Kerem Çubuk


10.2015 - 02.2016

Magnifisoft Software

Front-end Speacialist Assistant

I  start intern at Magnifisoft as Front-end Developer Specialist Assistant. I learned Html5, Css3, jQuery, AngularJS, Less and Json in 6 months and I still learn programming fundamentals.

07.2015 - 10.2015

Liv Hospital

Human Resources

I wanted to learn process of background a hospital and human resources department. This department gave me a lot experience comminucation with people. Now, I am working with Oracle databases and Medin System(Hospital Management Application) and I love my job in  here.

2004 - 01.2014

Er-mek Machine Installation

Web Designer - Social Media Specialist

This company is belong my father and I worked as assistant and Web developer of this company. I still help him for company works.

2014 - 12.2014

Vefa Machine

Data Entry & Office Assistant

I worked in summer for this company. My mission was data entry for the website and helping in office. I learned more thing in there because experience is necessary for me.

2008 - 2010

Öz Ereğli Newspaper

Layout Designer

In my high school years, I create and design school newspaper. After that I start to intership in Öz Ereğli Newspaper. I learned how to use Quarkxpress and Corel Studio. I designed amount 2 years school gazzette.


2011 - present

Bahçeşehir University

Computer Science and Information Technologies

I still study Computer Science in this university for my future and dreams. I learn how to behave in education in school as teacher. If you want to see my taking course;

        Information Technologies in Education (CET1001)
        Introduction to Educational Sciences (EDS1001)
        Introduction to Web Programming (CET1002)
        Educational Psychology (EDS1002)
        Introduction to Programming (C++) (CMP1001)
        Instructional Methods and Principles (EDS2001)
        Special Education (EDS4005)
        Instructional Design (CET2026)
        Measurement and Evaluation (EDS3001)
        Graphics and Animation in Education (CET2028)
        Object Oriented Programming (C++) (CMP1002)
        Multimedia Design and Production in Education (CET3028)
        Turkish Educational System and School Management (EDS3010)
        Wissen Asp.Net MVC (COP4418)
        Introduction to Computer Networks (CMP2204)
        Classroom Management (EDS3003)
        Programming Languages (SEN2002)
        Php Programming
06.2013 - 09.2013

Bahçeşehir University Universität

Social Media Developer

I studied in Berlin for my education development. I studied about social Media in Pergamon Museum. I developed a social networks like facebook, google+ and twitter.

New Media and Media Literacy in Education (EDS4010)

2008 - 2011

Kdz.Ereğli Anatolian Technical High School


I studied Web Programming. I learned to use Html,, Ms Office, Ms Access, Adobe Photoshop and Flash in my high school. Also, I try to develop myself in school newspaper club. In this club, I designed amount 2 years with Quarkxpress.

Earth, Sun and Moon – Powtoon

Earth, Sun and Moon – Powtoon

Graphics, Education
Game Design Advertorial

Game Design Advertorial

Graphics, Education
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